Tabernacle Baptist Church
Friday, October 24, 2014

Our History

About midyear 1910, George F. Brown felt the call of God to establish a church in East Cartersville. After talking with several people in the area, a meeting was held on March 26, 1911 in the Presbyterian Church on Tennessee Street for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church. Fifteen men and women came on that cold and rainy day, brought their letters from other Baptist churches with them, gathered around the heater and bound themselves together as a Baptist Church on the East Side of Cartersville.
The following Sunday, April 2, 1911, George F. Brown was officially called as the pastor of the new congregation.
It was in conference on April 19, 1911 that the church officially took the name East Side Baptist Church
In May 1911, the building was purchased from the Presbyterians for the sum of five hundred dollars. The church later learned that the lot on which the church was built was not a part of the purchase; in March 1912 the church bought the ground on which the building stood.
In September 1911, delegates were sent to the Middle Cherokee Baptist Association to apply for membership. In this same month a revival was held and eighty-one additions were made to the church – thirty-nine by baptism. In five months the church had grown to a membership of 106 and continued to grow to about 175 in its first two years.
It was during the ministry of George V. Crowe (10/1924 – 02/1944) that the “tabernacle” was built and the name was changed to Tabernacle Baptist Church. During Rev. Crowe’s pastorate the membership was increased to approximately 1100 members. At the close of one revival, in 1932 he baptized in one afternoon, 164 people, and another time, in August 1936, he baptized 109 in one afternoon.
The church has continued to grow and expand over the years. The sanctuary facing Church Street was constructed in 1944; the Childrens’ Education Building in 1960; the present worship center in 1987; the adult education building in 1990; Pastor’s study and staff offices in 1991; and an additional education and fellowship building in 1997.
Currently our pastor is Dr. Don Hattaway and our membership is in excess of 3000, with an average Sunday School attendance of approximately 1200.