Tabernacle Baptist Church
Friday, October 24, 2014

College And Young Singles


TBC College and Young Singles

Sunday Morning Bible Study for College and Young Singles

Each Sunday morning in our College (Singles 1) and Young Singles (Singles 2) Departments we have structured classes for ages (18-20), (21-23), and (24-35).  These classes meet at 10:45 AM on the 3rd floor of our education building.  You will find a great group of teachers, Sharon Mauldin, Joe Carp, Karen Carp, Christie Brewer, Tonia McCombs, Tom Bandy, Vicki Barnes, and Tommy Barnes, who are dedicated to the College and Young Singles Ministry and teaching the truth of God’s Word. 



Focus is a weekly Bible Study that meets on Thursday nights in the homes of one of our Sunday School Leaders.  Sessions may include looking at a verse by verse study of a book of the Bible, Topical Study, or an in-depth discipleship study such as “Fresh Encounter.”  Focus always start with a fellowship meal and concludes with the Bible Study.  Focus is a great way to have a mid week connection and to grow spiritually.



Realizing that fellowship is an important part of single life, it is our goal to provide two opportunities monthly for fellowship:   One of those being a monthly outing and the second being a fellowship meal for a Sunday Lunch (free).  These will be announced in our newsletter called the Daily Opportunity.


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