Tabernacle Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adult Teacher Resources

The following resources are provided to aid our teachers in their personal spiritual growth and to facilitate in their preparation to teach God's word each week. 


The Web Bible

Annotated, red-letter Bible on-line. Exhaustive cross-referenced Bible encyclopedia—all cross-referenced with detailed answers to relevant questions. Numerous translations, Bible study tools, and much more! <a

About the Bible
Why is the Bible the world's most popular book? Learn what it's all about!
Bible Archaeology
 Provides abundant archaeological evidence in support of the Bible, with frequent updates. A team of Bible-believing Christian experts answers your questions about archaeology and biblical history—free of liberal bias.
Eden Communications' on-line shopping
Select Christian videos, books and more. We pre-screen so you get only the best. Several shops and lots of resource information. Evangelical, conservative, nondenominational.
 Informational and Training sessions from our Pastor of Education and Growth, Richard Brown
How to Study the Bible
How to Teach the Bible
SECOND-MILE MOMENTS – Going Above and Beyond for Authentic Teaching
“Encouraging, practical, motivating, helpful and needed! Forward from Here! is a tool that will help your church move forward! This guy makes me better…my church better…my ministry better!”
Another Interview with God
You may have seen “Interview With God,” a Web site that claims to have “touched millions.” It shows pictures of nature, and speaks of God smiling as He shares a mixture of Tony Robins and Doctor Phil philosophies. Sadly, their “god” is not the God of the Bible. Their god does not mention Judgment Day, the love expressed in the Cross, and the gift of everlasting life offered in Christ. So, here, courtesy of our evangelism specialist team member Ray Comfort is “Another Interview With God.” This beautiful presentation honors God and faithfully follows His Word. WATCH IT! Send the link to your friends!
The following documents are available for teachers to download and print: