Tabernacle Baptist Church
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zambia Trip Reports

I’m Searching for Words
Just a few days ago, I was pinching myself saying, “ Am I really in Africa.”   Not only was I there but 19 other missionaries from TBC. When I think of how to describe what went on during the process of getting ready, actually getting to and from Africa, the mission experience, the Glory of God’s Creation, and the relationships that were formed with us and God, I am still searching for words to describe this adventure. Words like incredible, amazing, unbelievable, fantastic, awesome come to mind but somehow it does not communicate the full extent of this experience. I can say without any hesitation that we serve a faithful God! 
There was no doubt that God prepared the way, set-up divine appointments, and allowed us to partner with Him. Many people came to know the Lord and many of our folks not only shared the Gospel but taught the Lozi friends to share the Gospel with other Lozi. We saw the Lozi being drawn to God and the people responded. One of our goals to accomplish was to seek people who could help start a Baptist Church and again God was faithful. We left Africa knowing that the foundation of a new church had been established.  
I would ask that you continue to pray for Daniel and Sky as they take the work that we partnered with them in and allow them to get direction for the next step. Mark and Melinda Wint will be coming to the same area in October to be missionaries for this community. Pray for them as that they can establish an active, impacting, Baptist Church and that the ministry would continue to flourish. 
Praise God for this experience! We will never know the full impact of this trip until we get to Heaven. In the meantime, I am still searching for words to describe this trip. If you get a chance talk to our team members as each one of them will have a different story. Who knows it might encourage you to be moved to join a mission team from Tabernacle!
Please take time to read the following experiences from each team.
Bro. Steve