Tabernacle Baptist Church
Friday, October 24, 2014

Ghana Bandage


We no longer have a warehouse to use for the Ghana Bandage Project.  Please hold bandages until further notice.  Pray we will find another place to work and store the supplies for Ghana.  The last container was sent to Ghana in February 2012 and arrived at the hospital April 2012.  Thank you!



Tabernacle Baptist Church is helping to coordinate and serve as the World Headquarters for the Ghana Bandage Project.


To send the supplies we will pack the bandages and offering envelopes into 55- gallon drums. When we fill 160 drums we will load them into an overseas container and send them to Ghana. The cost is approximately $10,000. We no longer need offering envelopes.  

Procedures for Preparing the Bandages

The sheets should be freshly washed. Cotton fabrics work best although polyester blends are fine. The simplest and best method to tear the sheets is to snip the hems, selvages (and if fitted, the elastic areas) and tear to remove. Fold the sheet in half so that you have the longest strip possible. Snip the folded sheet every 3". Tear the sheet into strips. Remove the excess threads or strings by just gleaning your hands down the strips. Roll the strips into bandages beginning by rolling the first strip on a pencil or dowel rod. Do not tape the end to the rod. At the end of the first strip, just lay the end down and place the beginning of another strip on top of the first one's end and continue to roll. You can remove the pencil or dowel at this time by gently turning it in the opposite direction. You will need about 6-8 strips depending on the length of the strips. Make the roll approximately 3-31/2" in diameter.  Put a small piece of masking tape on the finished roll to hold it together.  
Ship bandages to:
Fastrack Warehouse and Delivery
9 Dean Drive
Cartersville, GA  30121
Attn:  Ghana Bandages 

Vicki Barnes can be reached at 770-386-2890, or Tabernacle Baptist Church.