Tabernacle Baptist Church
Friday, October 31, 2014

Red Team Report

Laurie Strange, Brandon Strange, Eric Webster
We would like to thank Tabernacle for enabling us to go and share Christ with the people of
Sesheke, Zambia. The overwhelming support and prayer was greatly appreciated as we strived to enter a strange land and carry out the Great Commission.
Our team was covered in the Holy Spirit throughout the trip. The Lord opened many doors
and many hearts. GOD was faithful to give us courage in fearful moments and wisdom in times of need. The town of Sesheke seemed stirred with excitement at the arrival of the “Makua”, or white people. The very first day held an obvious tension that something big was going to happen. With the guidance of Brother Steve, Daniel, and Sky, we set out to share Jesus with the people of Sesheke, the Lozi.
God showered us with blessings straight from the start. We met a young man named, Francis who possessed an amazing passion for telling others about Jesus and the love of GOD. He was a great assistance to us, as he could speak some English and allowed us to witness to Lozi who did not speak our language. The Lord placed us in front of many souls who were hungry for truth. Many knew of God, but had never been presented with the Grace of Jesus.
Our hearts were broken at the apparent lack of hope in the people, but God quickly showed
us that “HE” is the only hope and that knowing him was all they needed. Each day we covered various areas of Sesheke, from the streets of town and the Zambezi River banks, all the way to the mud hut villages deep into the African bush. We prayed with many and were blessed to see several accept Jesus as their savior, but most importantly, we told the masses of the saving blood of the Lamb. Many seeds were planted, many souls were discipled. We covered all the people groups we could, from young school children and mothers and Grandmothers, to grown men and even a village Chief.
As we left Africa we were sad to leave those we would have liked to discipled more, but we
felt a peace in that we had done that which was requested of us. We went…and we told. We proclaimed Jesus with boldness and faithfulness, provided by the Holy Spirit. However, even though we have left Africa and have returned home, our mission is not over. God has moved in our lives and in our hearts. He has shown us that the mission field is all around us. It changes a person when you witness God move in lives of others and when you spend time in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We now have our own hunger, a hunger to share Christ with all who will hear. We yearn to share with those in faraway places, in our town and even in our own homes.
Your support and your prayers has not only furthered the Kingdom of God, but has started a fire, a fire that burns for living for Jesus and telling people of his grace. A fire that we pray will spread through this church with a faith that rages forward. We thank you for allowing us the great blessing and privilege to not only witness God’s will, but to be a vessel in that work. In the days to come may we be obedient to “GO and TELL!” at home, at work, in our town, our state, our country and our world. May his loving grace be with you all.