Tabernacle Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yellow Team Report

Ron Woodward, Joshua Woodward, & Heather Groseclose

We are writing this letter to tell you of the glorious wonders of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Zambia Africa. In particular to share with you the people of the city of Sesheke. Here we were privileged to visit and share the Good News of Jesus Christ because of the prayers and preparation of God's people. As we went on our journey it was evident that the presence of the Most High had gone before us to prepare the hearts of the people He placed in our path with divine appointments. In every encounter God seemed to be at work.
Soon after arriving there the first word we heard many times was pronounced Mah- Koo- Ah which meant "white person". They did not know why we were there at first but obviously they were curious about so many of us walking through their city. Soon they knew.
There are countless stories from the time we spent there of those who came up to one of us and said "I heard you can tell me about Jesus. I want to hear." The Lord was moving through Sesheke, Zambia like a mighty rushing wind. We were able to proclaim Him in the schools, shops, markets, homes and even workplaces of the peoples in that place. One day a group of about eight of us had the opportunity to go to the high school and talk to the students there. We had prepared that morning to share with the children as a group, each of us with a part of the presentation or testimony or part of the Creation-to-Christ story we had been practicing for quite some time. God had quite a different plan! When we got there the headmaster of the school (God had masterfully crafted) had decided that each of us should take a class. Each class would last one hour. There were some saucer sized eyes at this exclamation!
Each one of us felt overwhelmed at the task now put before us. To fully present the entire message we had for them about the Good News of Jesus Christ by ourselves and for it to last an hour. NO preparation time! NO notes! NO hand outs! NO outlines! It seemed impossible! How could we do this by ourselves? How dramatic!
Fortunately; we weren't by ourselves. If it was all about what we did there would be no room for God, God had already orchestrated His plan and went with us into each classroom. His plan was perfect. The time seemed to vanish. The hour went by in what seemed like a few minutes.
I know what you are thinking: How easily they forget. Yes we were on a mission trip to share the Truth with the people. It is not by our strength or words or thoughts but by and through Him. We need only to be obedient to share. He will be true to His word. We did remember all of that. Our eyes did return to normal size once we took them off us and refocused them back on Him. For the rest of the trip we relied on Him for our divine appointments that He had already established.
We had innumerable encounters and divine appointments with the Lozi people and others of the city of Sesheke. In the classroom as well as in the homes and in the streets the people had many questions about God and Jesus and why their life is the way it is. Why did we care for them? Most importantly WHY did God love them? HOW could He love them? It was in these moments we realized that these precious people, the Lozi people, were ready to know...longed to know about the One we call our Lord and Savior. The problem isn't in their eagerness to know. The problem is that they had not heard the Truth. The problem is with the ones who don't think they need to go. The problem is with the ones who won't even stay and tell someone the Truth.
Many who did hear were forever changed. Their names are forever written in the Lamb's Book of Life. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ. There will be a great reunion in heaven with them. Some you don't know, but they will know you. They will be there because you gave back some of the blessings God has given you through your money or time. Most importantly though many of you gave through prayer. They will be there because of you. Forever because of you. Forever and ever and ever. Forever because you prayed for them without even knowing their names.
There are three men we would like to introduce to you so that you will know their names when you meet them in heaven. We told them about you. They are praying for you. They are thanking God for you. Their names are Cosmos, Kennedy, and Collin. They have shared the Good News with their family. They have encouraged each other. They have shared with their friends. One of the men in particular,Cosmos, has been given great wisdom and insight in the understanding of God's word and the application in his life. He has long searched for the fruits of the spirit in his life. He has prayed to receive them and to use them for others. He has prayed for strength to "finish the race" talked about in the Bible. To tell others about what Christ has done for him. He will not be stopped.
There are many other stories of the great and marvelous things God has done and continues to do in the lives of these people.
This mission trip is over but the work is not done. No matter how inadequate you feel. No matter what age you are....No matter what excuse you can come up with...Its not about you. It's about God. Someone is waiting on your obedience through time, money or prayer to have the opportunity to meet you in a grand reunion to tell you thank you for introducing them to the One we call Lord and Savior.