Breakout Session Topics

Dr. Tim Smith - Pastors and Directors

"Leading the Sunday School Ministry" - We will address the basic elements of leading the Sunday School ministry of your church, and examine the role of the Pastor as well as the Sunday school director. The foundation for this session will be a quick study of God's Word.

"Overcoming the BIGGEST Hindrance in Your Sunday School" - Every leader will be asked to identify the top 2 or three roadblocks/hindrances in their Sunday School. The top 6 answers will be addressed in this session.

Dr. Alan Folsom - Senior Adults

"Helps for Lesson Prep" - Looking for some practical tips for lesson preparation? We've got a seat for you! Learn how you can craft lessons that lead to life change!

"How to Keep Evangelism Hot on Sunday Morning and Beyond" - Is evangelism and outreach a struggle for your church or your group? We've got some practical tips for revitalizing evangelism for any group or church!

Kenneth Aycock - Median Adults

"Key Strategies for Effective Bible Teaching" - We need to have a plan for how we will prepare a lesson, present the lesson, and how we will equip our class to live out the lesson during the week.

"Developing a Ministry and Outreach Plan for Adult Sunday School" - Each Sunday School class has unique opportunities to reach people with the Gospel. This session will explore those opportunities and help each leader develop a plan for their class to be effective in ministry and outreach.

Dallas White - Young Professionals

“10 Shifts: Moving Your Young Pros Ministry Towards Mission” - In this breakout, Pastor Dallas White will discuss the ten missional shifts most ministries need to make if they want to connect with young adults. 

“D-Groups: Building Depth and Width In Your Young Pros Ministry” - In this breakout, Pastor Dallas White will share the four key components of a D-Group (discipleship group). He’ll also describe how these core components work together to create maturity and a missional approach that will expand your ministry.

Justin Richards - College

“Why Young Adults Leave Churches and How to Reclaim Them” - This session will identify reasons why young adults leave our churches and provide practical ways to help encourage them to return.

“How to Have a Dynamic College Small Group in Church or Connected to Church” - Practical ways to help start, develop, and maintain a thriving young adult small group.

Dr. Brent Baskin - Students

“Ministry to Generation Z in a Post-Truth Culture” - Worried whether or not your student will stay in church after graduation? Let’s talk about some strategies youth leaders and parents can implement to lead and disciple Generation Z well.

“How to Study the Bible with Learners, Not for Learners” - Teaching the Bible has typically involved the teacher speaking and the learner listening. Often because of their preparation, the teacher receives more from it than the learner. Let’s look at how we can bring the actions used in preparation to the learner.

Bill Hegedus - Children

“Safety & Security” - Overview of security protocols, such as check-in, volunteer background checks, emergency readiness, plus more.

“Creativity in Children's Ministry” - Tips for adding creative touches to your Sunday School to reach all types of learners and keep kids engaged.

Stacy Holman - Preschool


“Connecting with Today’s Families” - Understand the demographics & challenges of today’s families and how to best connect parents and kids to Christ & your church


“Preschool Small Groups” - Make Bible learning exciting through storying and age appropriate learning activities to engage preschoolers

Dr. Bill Wilks - D-Life


“Introduction to D-Life” - Making Disciples is our main purpose in life. You and your church can become a catalyst for making disciples through this simple plan for discipleship. DLife is not a program. It is a way of life modeled after the life of Christ. Come and see how you can be on mission as a disciple-maker.


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