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Connect with the Word | Week of 03.22.20

Sermon Title: “Not of This World”

Sermon Text: 1 John 2:15-17

Click here to hear Pastor Patrick’s message from Sunday, March 22, 2020.

Click here for a printable version.

The Main Idea from Pastor Patrick’s Message:

We need to live as if we are not of this world. As God’s children, we now have his nature

within us. As a result, we have a new nature and a new identity. Through the blood of

Jesus, we have been made clean and we are different than those who are not Christians.

We are citizens of heaven living on earth. With this change, we have need of learning

how to live as if we are not of this world.


· This resource is directed toward parents/guardians.

· It is best to look over material & gather supplies before starting.

· Choose what works best for you family.

o These activities are intended to be 10-15 minutes but may spur some great discussions!

o Adapt as necessary to fit your family’s unique needs. Use some or all of these resources.

· For better discussion, remember to ask open-ended questions (not yes/no questions).

· Have FUN connecting with your family & with God’s Word.

· Share your connections with us on social media using #tabernacletogether & #tbcfamilyconnect.

ACTIVITY 1 (suggested for preschoolers):

Main Idea for preschoolers: The Bible is God’s instruction book for how to live.

· Help kids understand that God tells me what to do. Use the game of “Simon Says” to illustrate the need to do what God says!

· Help your child understand that “God tells me to do what He says.” Just as the game of Simon Says teaches us to listen & obey, God wants us to follow him. How do we know how to follow him? Read the Bible!

· Watch this video & follow along for Simon Says or make up your own.

ACTIVITY 2 (suggested for 1st-5th graders):

Main Idea for Kids: We shouldn’t look to the world around us for how to live. We should look to God’s Word to guide us.

· Gather supplies:

o Bible

o Aluminum foil (or playdoh)

o Various household objects or small toys

o Two pencils (or sticks), one long & one short

· Help your child find Romans 12:2 in the Bible.

o Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2 CSB

o This would be a great time to review the books of the Bible.

o Click here for “Shine on Me,” a song that teaches the books of the Bible.

· Discuss the meanings of more difficult words in verse.

o Conformed = go along with, be molded

o This age = this world

o Transformed = to be changed

o Discern = figure out

o Put it all together like this & discuss meaning: Don’t go along with things you see in this world. Be changed by focusing on God so that you can figure out what is good in God’s eyes.

· Discuss what things that this age (the world) encourages that don’t align with God’s Word.(examples: bad attitudes are okay; the world encourages us to win, no matter what the cost; your behavior doesn’t matter if no one notices or gets hurt; some think that it’s okay to act nice in front of someone, but then talk about them behind their back, etc.)

· Wrap the aluminum foil around the household objects or toys. Remove the items so that the aluminum foil keeps the shape.

· Explain that we are like the aluminum foil and the objects are the world. We can take on the shape of the world around us if we aren’t careful.

· Take the two pencils (or sticks) and form a cross. Let the child wrap the aluminum foil around the cross. (It might be difficult.) Explain that when we try to follow God’s plan for our lives, we will look more and more like Jesus, who lived a perfect, sinless life. It may hard, but we have to keep working on it every day.

· Remind your child that reading the Bible every day can help us know God’s plan. God desires a personal relationship with us through His Son, Jesus.

· Discussion points to extend the lesson:

o Discuss how the Holy Spirit comes to live in us when we become Christians. We don’t remove the pencil from under the aluminum foil because He never leaves us.

o Discuss how the aluminum foil doesn’t immediately take on the shape of the cross. We are continually being transformed to be more and more like Christ.

· See Discussion questions & Guided prayer below. Adapt as needed to fit your family’s needs.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (suggested for 1st – 12th graders):

KEY: K=Kids (1st-5th), S=Students (6th-12th)

1. (K & S) What was something that personally impacted you from Pastor Patrick’s message? What did you learn? What challenged you? (Parents should share first.)

2. (S only) Have a child read 1 John 2:15-17. When done reading, ask:

  • What does John mean when he tells the Christians not to live like the world? Is it wrong to love some things of this world? (Parent, you may have to explain the meaning of the text. John was not writing to his readers expecting them to hate everything of world. Rather, he challenged his audience not to love the sin of this world, as found in verse 16.)

  • What are some ways you are tempted to live like this world? (Give some examples of when you were their age and the things of the world that were tempting to you. Be transparent with your children. This may be hard, but they need to hear how you struggled and currently struggle.)

3. (S only) In verse 17, John wrote, “The one who does God’s will remains forever.”

  • What did John mean? (John has contrasted the fleeting worthlessness of the world with the everlasting worthiness of doing God’s will. Challenge your child to have perspective in life. Explain to your child the importance of knowing and doing God’s will. Share struggles and times where you felt frustrated, let down, or hurt as you have wrestled with knowing and doing God’s will.)

  • Are you confidently following God’s will? If yes, how? If you struggle, how can you improve?(As a parent, you don’t know 100% of God’s will for your child’s life. However, we can have confidence because the Bible is our source to know God’s will. A preacher once said, “99% of God’s will for your life is found in Scripture; the rest comes from prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit.”)

4. (K & S) What can you do this week to apply what we have learned today? (Parents, here is your opportunity to share with your child the importance of applying the Word of God. Each week, we should leave worship knowing how to apply God’s Word in our lives. If we don’t, we have missed a great opportunity.)


· Explain that you are going to lead your family in a guided prayer time. (Parents of preschoolers and kids, explain that you are going to give prayer suggestions, then you will pause, then you will give another suggestion. Tell your family that they are to pray silently and that they will know to finish when you say, “Amen.”)

· You can read these prompts as written or make up your own prayer prompts.

o Let’s start by telling God how great He is. Use a lot of words to describe Him as you pray. (pause)

o The Bible tells us that we all disobey and sin. Is there anything you need to ask God for forgiveness, like being mean or selfish or not obeying your parents? If so, do that now. (pause)

o Next, tell God what you are thankful for. (pause)

o Now ask God to help you trust Him and understand Him more every day. (pause)

o Next, take a moment to lift up prayer requests. (pause)

o Thank you, God, for giving us your truth in the Bible. Thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins so that we could have a perfect relationship with You. We pray all these things in the holy name of Jesus. Amen.

Make sure to check back later this week for Connect with Family Fun!

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