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Connect with the Word | Week of 04.05.20

Sermon Title:“Truth from the Triumphal Entry”

Sermon Text: Mark 11:1-11

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The Main Idea from Pastor Patrick’s Message: We need to be aware of the spiritual truth found in the Triumphal Entry.


  • This resource is directed toward parents/guardians.

- NEW!!! Video option for all ages!

  • It is best to look over material & gather supplies before starting.

  • Choose what works best for you family.

- These activities are intended to be 10-15 minutes but may spur some great


- Adapt as necessary to fit your family’s unique needs. Use some or all of these


  • For better discussion, remember to ask open-ended questions (avoid yes/no questions).

  • Have FUN connecting with your family & with God’s Word.

  • Share your connections with us on social media using #tabernacletogether & #tbcfamilyconnect.

Preschool VIDEO

The Crowd Welcomed Jesus Matthew 21: 1-11

Preschool ACTIVITY 

Main Idea for preschoolers: Jesus is King and we worship HIM.

  • Ask your preschooler, “What is a king?” (A king is a person who is the “boss” over a place or group of people. We think about a King as a person who wears a crown and arrives in a fancy way.)

  • Jesus is our King. He didn’t wear a crown or ride on a nice horse. He came as a simple (humble) man.

  • God sent him to save us. God wants us to worship Jesus.

  • How can we worship Jesus? (Singing, playing instruments, reading the Bible, following his rules)

  • To celebrate King Jesus, preschoolers can make paper crowns and/or palm leaves.

  • Sing the chorus, “O How I Love Jesus”. Our older preschoolers sing this song each week in preschool worship.

KIDS VIDEO (suggested for 1st-5th graders):

Main Idea for Kids: Jesus is King and He deserves our worship 

Bible story: Jesus’ Triumphal Entry, Luke 19: 28-40

Video Length: 9 minutes

Kids will need their Bibles.

KIDS ACTIVITY (suggested for 1st - 5th graders):

**This lesson is the same lesson as taught in the video for Kids Activity 1.

Main Idea for Kids: Jesus is King and He deserves our worship Gather supplies:

  • Bible

  • Soda in bottle (any size should work)

  • Balloon

  • Salt

  • Funnel (optional, but helps put salt in balloon)

  • Permanent marker (optional, but you can write on balloon)

Worship Option:

Bible Study:

  • Find Luke 19: 28-40. Read and discuss Jesus’ Triumphal Entry. This story can also be found in:

- Matthew 21:1-17

- Mark 11:1-11

- John 12:12-19

- This would be a great time to review the books of the Bible.

  • Point out that Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem (v. 35), which fulfilled an OT prophecy (Zec 9:9). The donkey is a symbol for kingship.

  • Read Luke 19: 38. “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord.” 

- (Parent note: The passage in Luke was chosen for this week’s lesson because of the

next point, but Mark 11:11 also includes, “Hosanna!” It would be a great family

Bible study to compare and contrast the different Gospel accounts.)

- Compare this celebration to a modern parade. The people in Jerusalem didn’t have

floats, but they did have palm branches that they waved. They also threw down

their outer clothing (v. 36), which would be similar to throwing down our coats on

the ground.

  • Read Luke 19: 39. “Some of the Pharisees from the crowd told Him, ‘Teacher, rebuke your disciples.’”

- Define rebuke. (to criticize or fuss at someone)

- Explain that in this passage, the religious leaders were wanting Jesus to tell his

disciples to be quiet!

  • Read Luke 19:40. “He answered, ‘I tell you, if they were to keep silent, the stones would cry out!’”

- Ask your child how can stones (or rocks) cry out? Why would they cry out?

- Explain that Jesus was saying that He is worthy of praise. When we love Him and

follow Him, we can’t help but praise Him! 

- The worship song, “Ain’t No Rock,” directly ties into today’s lesson and main point.


  • Gather supplies (listed above).

  • Write on balloon – optional Inflate balloon and write on it with a permanent marker. You could write, “Praise Jesus” or “Hosanna!” Allow ink to dry, then let the air out. Be careful, the ink may still transfer to your hands even when “dry.” 

  • Put some salt in the balloon. (2-3 tablespoons works. TIP: Using a funnel is helpful.)

  • Put balloon over bottle opening while keeping salt from dropping in. 

  • While holding on tightly to balloon to maintain seal, allow the salt to drop in. Balloon will fill will gas and will inflate.

  • Debrief/Connect to activity:

- Jesus deserves our praise because He is God’s Son and gave us the best gift ever

His life. We should give Jesus all our praise.

- In our demonstration, the fizz and air had nowhere to go but into the balloon.

When we trust Jesus, our praise fills us up and has nowhere to go but toward


- Jesus is King and deserves our worship.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (suggested for 1st – 12th graders):

YK=Younger Kids (1st-2nd), OK=Older Kids (3rd - 5th). S=Students (6th-12th)

  1. (YK, OK, S) What was something that personally impacted you from Pastor Patrick’s message? What did you learn? What challenged you? (Parents should share first.)

  2. (OK & S) What does it mean to be humble? Why should we practice humility? Whom do you look to as a humble person? (Patrick mentioned the humility Jesus had coming from Mark 4:4-6. C.S. Lewis described humility as not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. The culture in America does not promote humility. We have systems in place that encourage prideful thinking and behavior. Explain why humility must be practiced in the lives of Christians.)

  3. (OK & S) Why did Jesus come to earth to pay our penalty? Does this change the way we should live our lives? How so? (Jesus came to pay our penalty for sin, because we could not pay it ourselves. Forgetting Jesus paid our sin penalty is a tragedy, yet this can happen if we are not careful. We need reminders of our sinfulness, not so we look down upon ourselves; rather, we look up to Jesus with immense gratitude. Our response to sin is repentance—to turn away from sin and cease such actions, thoughts, or attitudes. Explain to your children what sin is, the impact of sin, and our response to sin.)

  4. (YK, OK, S) What can you do this week to apply what we have learned today? (Parents, here is your opportunity to share with your child the importance of applying the Word of God. Each week, we should leave worship knowing how to apply God’s Word in our lives. If we don’t, we have missed a great opportunity.)


  • Explain that you are going to lead the kids in a guided prayer time.

- (Parents of preschoolers and kids, explain that you are going to give suggestions

for things to pray, then you will pause, then you will give another suggestion. Tell

the kids that they are to pray silently and that they will know to finish when you

say, “Amen.”)

  • You can read these prompts as written or make up your own prayer prompts.

- Let’s start by telling God how great He is. (pause)

- The Bible tells us that we all disobey and sin. Is there anything you need to ask God

for forgiveness, like being mean or selfish or not obeying your parents? If so, do

that now. (pause)

- Next, tell God what you are thankful for. (pause)

- Now ask God to help you trust Him and follow Him more every day. (pause)

- Next, take a moment to lift up prayer requests. (pause)

- Thank you, God, for giving us your truth in the Bible. Thank you for sending Your

Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins so that we could have a perfect

relationship with You. We pray all these things in the holy name of King Jesus.


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