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Connect with the Word | Week of 04.26.20

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Sermon Title: “Enjoy Life”

Sermon Text: 1 John 2:24-27

The Main Idea from Pastor Patrick’s Message: The Lord wants us to enjoy the life we have in Jesus.


  • This resource is directed toward parents/guardians.

  • It is best to look over material & gather supplies before starting.

  • Choose what works best for you family.

- These activities are intended to be 10-15 minutes but may spur some great


- Adapt as necessary to fit your family’s unique needs. Use some or all of these


  • For better discussion, remember to ask open-ended questions (avoid yes/no questions).

  • Have FUN connecting with your family & with God’s Word.

  • Share your connections with us on social media using #tabernacletogether & #tbcfamilyconnect.

Preschool VIDEO:

Preschool ACTIVITY: 

Main Idea for Preschoolers: Jesus wants us to spend time with him and do good things.

  • Jesus used grapes to illustrate our need for him to stay connected to him.

  • Grapes taste good and are a healthy thing for us to eat.

  • How do these grapes grow? (attached to a vine, water, sunlight)

  • The vine is important, because it collects the water and sunlight that allows the grapes to grow.

  • What do you think happens when the grapes are pulled from the vine? (they stop growing & begin to die/rot)

  • Jesus uses the example of grapes to show how we can live when we stay connected to him.

  • How can we stay connected to Jesus? (praying, reading the Bible, following God’s rules)

  • Activity Option: Pompom (cotton ball) Drop

  • Craft Option:  Glue pompoms, cotton balls or paper grapes to paper towel roll

KIDS VIDEO (suggested for 1st-5th graders):

Main Idea for Kids: We can stay connected to Jesus by reading the Bible, praying, and worshiping.

Bible story: 1 John 2:24 and John 15:4-5

Video Length: 10:42

Kids will need their Bibles. :)

KIDS ACTIVITY (suggested for 1st - 5th graders):

**This lesson is the same lesson as taught in the video.**

Main Idea for Kids: We can stay connected to Jesus by reading the Bible, praying, and worshiping. Gather supplies:

  • Bible

  • Lamp and outlet

  • Balloon (optional)

Worship Option:


  • Before opening your Bible this week, take a moment to explain that Jesus used parables to teach. (Parables are simple stories that use everyday objects to teach us something important about God.)

  • This week, we are going to discuss a parable where Jesus talked about vines and branches. Because we may not have ever seen a grapevine, let’s use a lamp to explain today’s main point.

  • Hold up the lamp (make sure it is unplugged). Explain that the lamp isn’t very helpful unless it is plugged in to its power source, the outlet.

  • Explain that in today Bible story, Jesus was trying to teach that we won’t be very powerful as Christians if we don’t stay connected to God. 

  • Plug in the lamp so that the light shines. Explain that the lamp can do its job only when it is plugged in. 

  • We can only live life to the fullest and be an example to those around us if we stay connected and let our light shine. (Optional: Sing and/or discuss song, “This Little Light of Mine.”)

Find 1 John 2:24

  • Today, we are going to start in a small book of the Bible that is one of the last books in the Bible. We are starting here because Pastor Patrick is going to use this verse in his sermon and this will help us understand it. 

  • Read the verse together and explain that this verse reminds us not to forget all that we know about Jesus. We need to stay connected to Him.

Read John 15:4-5

  • Explain that in these verses, Jesus talked about vines and branches because the people were familiar with vineyards and grapes.

  • Jesus wanted us to understand how important it is to stay connected with Him. Just like grapes need to stay connected to the

vine to live and grow, we cannot live and grow as Christians

without staying connected.

  • Explain that we stay connected to God through reading the Bible, through prayer, and through worship.

  • When we stay connected, we produce fruit! Not fruit like grapes, but fruit of the Spirit. 

  • (Optional: Read Galatians 5:22-23 and sing “The Fruit of the Spirit” song.) 

  • God helps us be loving, kind, gentle, plus so much more when we stay connected to Him.

Balloon Activity (optional):

  • Blow up a balloon and pinch it closed (do not tie it).

  • Explain that we have to pinch the balloon to keep it inflated. If we lose that connection, the balloon flies away.

  • Try to pass the balloon from person to person without letting the air escape.

  • Just like the we had to hold on tight to the balloon to keep it inflated, we need to hold on tight to Jesus. We need to remember all we have learned about Him by reading the Bible, praying, and worshiping Him regularly.

Check out other Discussion questions below and close with guided prayer.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (suggested for 1st 12th graders):

YK=Younger Kids (1st-2nd), OK=Older Kids (3rd - 5th), S=Students (6th-12th)

  1. (YK, OK, S) What was something that personally impacted you from Pastor Patrick’s message? What did you learn? What challenged you? (Parents should share first.)

  2. (S only) Many may find the Christian life as boring and restrictive. Some may look at what they can and cannot do according Scripture and think to themselves the Christian life does not compare to the life they are currently living. Have you ever thought this? Have you ever spoken with someone who thought this? 

- What does it mean to have a life with joy? What makes the Christian life


- Turn to John 10:10 and read aloud. Here, Jesus contrasted between the kind of

life He promises versus the actions of a thief. What do you believe Jesus

means by giving believers abundant life? (Some believe Jesus was referring

to eternal life in this verse, while others think He was referring to life on Earth.

Either way, Jesus promised a life that is enjoyable. The phrase “life…in

abundance” literally means a life beyond one’s wildest dreams. Reflect on Jesus’

words as a family.)

3. (OK & S) Pastor Patrick referenced the connection believers have to God throughout

life in his first point. This is vastly different from world religions. We can know God

through His Son, Jesus. What is the significance of having a personal

connection to God throughout life? What does this look like practically? 

- Do you feel like you have a strong personal connection to God right now

in your life? How so? (A believer should never assume another’s connection

with God is strong, even if it appears as such on the outside. It is healthy, and

warranted, to ask other brother and sisters in Christ the state of their

relationship with God.)

- Do you feel like you do NOT have a strong personal connection to God

right now? If so, how can you draw a closer connection to God? (Although

it may seem to be a cliché, growing a relationship with God is much like the

relationships we know with others—both take time, effort, and resiliency.

Seeking to grow by reading His Word, praying, spending time with other

believers, fasting, studying theology, and other spiritual disciplines aid our

connection to God. One cannot do this without time, effort, and resiliency. Help

your children in this journey graciously and consistently. It is a marathon, so be

patient and press on!) 

4. (YK, OK, S) What can you do this week to apply what we have learned today?

(Parents, here is your opportunity to share with your child the importance of applying

the Word of God. Each week, we should leave worship knowing how to apply God’s

Word in our lives. If we don’t, we have missed a great opportunity.)


Explain that you are going to lead the kids in a guided prayer time.

(Parents of preschoolers and kids, explain that you are going to give suggestions for things to pray, then you will pause, then you will give another suggestion. Tell the kids that they are to pray silently and that they will know to finish when you say, “Amen.”)

You can read these prompts as written or make up your own prayer prompts.

  • Let’s start by telling God how great He is. (pause)

  • The Bible tells us that we all disobey and sin. Is there anything you need to ask God for forgiveness, like being mean or selfish or not obeying your parents? If so, do that now. (pause)

  • Next, tell God what you are thankful for. (pause)

  • Now ask God to help you trust Him and follow Him more every day. (pause)

  • Next, take a moment to lift up prayer requests. (pause)

  • Thank you, God, for giving us your truth in the Bible. Thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins so that we could have a perfect relationship with You. We pray all these things in the holy name of Jesus. Amen.

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