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Connect with the Word | Week of 05.03.20

Sermon Title: “Important Distinctions”

Sermon Text: 1 John 2:28-3:1a

The Main Idea from Pastor Patrick’s Message: We need to know how to live the Christian life.



· This resource is directed toward parents/guardians.

· It is best to look over material & gather supplies before starting.

· Choose what works best for you family.

- These activities are intended to be 10-15 minutes but may spur some great


- Adapt as necessary to fit your family’s unique needs. Use some or all of these


· For better discussion, remember to ask open-ended questions (avoid yes/no questions).

· Have FUN connecting with your family & with God’s Word.

· Share your connections with us on social media using #tabernacletogether & #tbcfamilyconnect.

Preschool VIDEO:

Preschool ACTIVITY:

Main Idea for Preschoolers: God loves me even when I make wrong choices.

· Share a time when you sinned/make a bad choice and how your parent responded.

Did you know that your mom/dad still loved you? (If you came from a home with a loving

parent, you can probably answer yes. Perhaps, you did not have a parent respond with

love to your actions. It is okay to share that God is ALWAYS a loving father, even if earthly

parents are not.)

· Ask your child, “Would I (mom/dad) still love you if you hit your sister/brother/friend?”


· God’s love for us is not based on our actions.

- He loves us even when we make wrong choices.

- He is sad when we make wrong choices, but God still loves us.

- He forgives us when we say we are sorry.

· Just as a parent loves their child even when they disobey, God loves you no matter what

you do.

· Play a game with your preschooler:

Ask your child to think of wrong choices/actions and use “If I” statements of wrong choices.

Example- Child might say, If I color on the wall…

If I yell at my brother…

If I disobey my mom/dad...

If I throw toys...

Parent responds after EVERY statement, God still loves you!

KIDS VIDEO (suggested for 1st-5th graders):

Main Idea for Kids: God loves me and wants me to be a part of His family.

Bible story: 1 John 2:28, 1 John 3:1a, John 1:12, John 3:16

Video Length: 13:03

Kids will need their Bibles.

Click here for KIDS video lesson for May 3, 2020

KIDS ACTIVITY (suggested for 1st - 5th graders):

**This lesson is the same lesson as taught in the video.

Main Idea for Kids: God loves me and wants me to be a part of His family.

Gather supplies:

· Bible

· The Gospel: God’s Plan for Me (available here)

· Plain paper

· Scissors

Worship Option:

· Click here for “Why Don’t You?” a song that teaches John 3:16

· Click here for books of Bible song, “Shine on Me.”

OPEN YOUR BIBLE. Find 1 John 2:28 (“So now, little children, remain in Him, so that when He appears we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming.”)

· Just like last week, we are going to start in a small book of the Bible that is one of the

last books. We are starting here again this week, because Pastor Patrick will use this

verse in his sermon and this will help us understand it.

· Read the verse together and explain that this verse reminds us of last week’s lesson.

The word, “remain,” means to stay connected. (Last week, we discussed the vine and

the branches. We discussed how important it is to stay connected to Jesus through

reading the Bible, praying, and worship.)

Read John 3:1a (“See what great love the Father has given us that we should be called God’s children.”) Today, we are going to break this verse into two parts:

· “See what great love the Father has given us…”

- Explain that in this verse, John is talking about the love of the Father. He uses the

phrase, “what great love,” which means that God’s love is incredibly amazing.

- Ask your child to list other words that can describe God’s love. (awesome, never-

ending, perfect, etc.)

- (Parents - If you or your child has been hurt by someone who “loved” them, you might

want to discuss how God’s love is holy and perfect. Human love isn’t. It’s important

not to judge the Father’s love by what we have experienced in this broken world.)

- Optional: Look up and discuss John 3:16: “For God loved the world in this way:

He sent His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish,

but have eternal life.” (CSB)

- Discuss how God loved us so much that He made a way for us to have a perfect

relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus. Use “The Gospel: God’s Plan for Me” as

a resource to share the Gospel with your child. (See “A Child’s Response to the

Gospel” below.)

- Emphasize to your child that there is nothing that he/she can do that will keep God

from loving him/her. Remind your child that God knows everything, even the bad

things we think and do, yet He still loves us with a perfect, holy love.

· “… that we should be called God’s children.”

- Explain that in this verse, John is talking about the incredible privilege to be a part of

God’s family.

- Optional: Look up and discuss John 1:12: “But to all who did receive Him, He

gave them the right to be children of God, to those who believe in His name.”

- When we have a relationship with Jesus, the Son, we have a relationship with God,

the Father.


· Click here for directions to make a

paper family.

· Optional: Write one of today’s verses

on the paper family.

· Ask your child if he/she has ever heard

someone called by “Brother” or “Sister”

that wasn’t a blood relative? Everyone

that accepts Christ is part of the family of God, which makes them brothers and sisters in



Parents, it is important to give your child the opportunity to respond to the Gospel, but it is also important not to pressure a child to make a decision for Christ. You can tell your child that there will come a time when they will have to make a decision whether or not to make Jesus their Lord (boss of their life) and Savior (One who paid the price for our sins). That time might be today or might be another day. What matters is that they say, “Yes” to Jesus.

-The Holy Spirit will make it clear when it is time. We want to yield to God’s perfect timing.

-Once a child starts asking questions, encourage him/her, but do not jump to the conclusion that asking questions equals a salvation experience.

-It is important that a child understands:

-Who Jesus is and what He did

- What sin is and can give examples of sin in his/her life, demonstrates repentance

Parents, check out these resources that further explains how to share the Gospel with your child. Or you canreach out to any staff member for assistance or if you have questions. We are here to help you disciple your child.

Check out other Discussion questions below and close with guided prayer.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (suggested for 1st – 12th graders):

YK=Younger Kids (1st-2nd), OK=Older Kids (3rd - 5th), S=Students (6th-12th)

1. (YK, OK, S) What was something that personally impacted you from Pastor Patrick’s message? What did you learn? What challenged you? (Parents should share first.)

2. (OK & S) In Pastor Patrick’s first point, he discussed the difference between being and doing. Christians are to befollowers of Christ, not just do Christian activities. What is the difference between “being” and “doing”? How can we get caught up in doing the “Christian activities” and miss what it means to follow Jesus? Have you struggled in this area?

· How do we know if we are choosing being over doing? (The focus is heart

transformation. We live in a culture that teaches behavior modification—the act of

disciplining to achieve a certain behavior. When it comes to the Christian life, we can

easily fall into this trap. As parents, we must be very careful how we explain what it

means to follow Jesus to our children. We want them to behave as a Christian, but

this comes from a transformed heart (Rom 12:1-2). One acts like a Christian because

he or she has a heart’s desire to obey out of love for Jesus. Take time to explain to

your children the difference between obeying from behavior modification versus a

heart for Jesus.)

3. (OK & S) In Pastor Patrick’s final point, he emphasized the need for a relationship with Jesus instead of a checklist. What does it mean to have a “checklist” type of faith? What are some of the items that may be on this checklist?

· What is the difference between a checklist faith and a relationship-based

faith? How do you know which one you have? Have you wrestled with this?

(Many people cannot get through a day without a checklist. From work to home life,

one may need to know what has been done and needs to be done. Checklists are not

inherently bad but can be dangerous if applied to a Christian’s walk. We need to take

a careful examination of our lives to make sure we are not checking the boxes for our

faith. Instead, our focus should be a love-based relationship with Jesus.)

4. (YK, OK, S) What can you do this week to apply what we have learned today? (Parents, here is your opportunity to share with your child the importance of applying the Word of God. Each week, we should leave worship knowing how to apply God’s Word in our lives. If we don’t, we have missed a great opportunity.)


Explain that you are going to lead the kids in a guided prayer time.

(Parents of preschoolers and kids, explain that you are going to give suggestions for things to pray, then you will pause, then you will give another suggestion. Tell the kids that they are to pray silently and that they will know to finish when you say, “Amen.”)

You can read these prompts as written or make up your own prayer prompts.

  • Let’s start by telling God how great He is. (pause)

  • The Bible tells us that we all disobey and sin. Is there anything you need to ask God for forgiveness, like being mean or selfish or not obeying your parents? If so, do that now. (pause)

  • Next, tell God what you are thankful for. (pause)

  • Now ask God to help you trust Him and follow Him more every day. (pause)

  • Next, take a moment to lift up prayer requests. (pause)

  • Thank you, God, for giving us your truth in the Bible. Thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins so that we could have a perfect relationship with You. We pray all these things in the holy name of Jesus. Amen.

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