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Connect with the Word | Week of 05.10.20

Sermon Title: “What Some Mothers Can Tell Us about Jesus”

Sermon Text: Mark 15:33-41

The Main Idea from Pastor Patrick’s Message: We must stay aware of what Jesus has done for us.



· This resource is directed toward parents/guardians.

· It is best to look over material & gather supplies before starting.

· Choose what works best for you family.

- These activities are intended to be 10-15 minutes but may spur some great


- Adapt as necessary to fit your family’s unique needs. Use some or all of these


· For better discussion, remember to ask open-ended questions (avoid yes/no questions).

· Have FUN connecting with your family & with God’s Word.

· Share your connections with us on social media using #tabernacletogether & #tbcfamilyconnect.

Preschool Life Group VIDEO:

Preschool ACTIVITY:

Main Idea for Preschoolers: Jesus made the way for us to talk to him. (Mark 15 vs. 37-39

· Ask: Where have we visited that required entrance through a ticketing or security

gate? (Disney World, Six Flags, Dollywood, live kids show)

· What did we need to pass through

the gate? (ticket, checked bags)

· Did we have to wait to enter the


· We do not need a ticket or

permission to talk to God. Jesus

made the way for us to

talk directly to God.

· How can we talk to God? Prayer

· When can we talk to God? (anytime-before meals, bedtime, during our day)

· Where can we talk to God? (home, car, outside, school, church-anywhere)

Activity: Ask your child to draw a

picture of all the places we can talk

to God.

KIDS VIDEO (suggested for 1st-5th graders):

Main Idea for Kids: Jesus took our sin punishment.

Bible story: Mark 15: 33,37, 40-41; 2Cor 5:21

Video Length: 11:13

Kids will need their Bibles. :)

KIDS ACTIVITY (suggested for 1st - 5th graders):

**This lesson is the same lesson as taught in the video.

Main Idea for Kids: Jesus took our sin punishment.

Gather supplies:

· Bible

· The Gospel: God’s Plan for Me (available here)

· Two clear glasses

· Water

· Food coloring

· Something to stir water

Worship Option:

· Click here for “Why Don’t You?” a song that teaches John 3:16

· Click here for books of Bible song, “Shine on Me.”


· Today, we are going to read and study the same verses Pastor Patrick will use in his

sermon, but we are going to start with the final verse and work backward.

· Since today is Mother’s Day, we are going to start with the women in our story. Make

sure to encourage all the women in your life today, not just the mothers.

OPEN YOUR BIBLE. Find Mark 15:40-41

· It’s important to remember that women served a vital role in the ministry of Jesus.

This verse tells us that there were women watching from a distance.

· What were they watching? Let’s find out…

Find Mark 15:37

· The women were watching the crucifixion of Jesus!

· Explain that these women had been with Jesus through His ministry. This was a sad

day for them, because they didn’t understand what was happening!

· We have the luxury of knowing what happened three days later! Spend a little time

reviewing the resurrection of Jesus.

Find Mark 15:33

· This verse talks about a darkness that came over the whole land. Sometimes, kids

don’t like darkness.

· The darkness represents Jesus taking our sin punishment.

· Discuss what sin is. We sin when we disobey God. Sin separates us from God. Spend a

few minutes confessing sin in your life.

Find 2 Corinthians 5:21

· Point out that Jesus is the “One who did not know sin.” He became sin for us. He

substituted Himself for us.

· Discuss what “substitute” means. (Most kids are familiar with it because they have

had substitutes at school or at church.)

· Demonstrate the sign language for “substitute.” Click here for video demonstration.

The sign language, when slowed down, shows one hand taking the place of the other,

just like Jesus took our place and paid our price for sin.


· Explain that God takes sin seriously. So serious, in fact, that He was willing to

sacrifice His Son on the cross for us.

· Discuss how some people think that there are “big” sins and “little” sins. In other

words, they think that some sins aren’t as bad as other sins. But God views all sin the

same. There is no “big” and no “little” sin to God.

· Fill two clear glasses with water.

· Discuss what some people might consider to be a “little” sin (not telling the complete

truth, disobeying but no one finding out.). As you discuss, add one drop of food

coloring to one glass of water.

· Point out that the entire glass of water isn’t immediately changed by the sin. Explain

that some people think they can get away from sin, and that it doesn’t matter if no

one gets hurt.

· Explain that sin always hurts us sooner or later. The food coloring (sin) will eventually

work its way through the entire glass of water.

· Discuss what some people might consider to be a “big” sin (hurting someone on

purpose or killing them). As you discuss, add one drop of food coloring to the second

glass of water.

· Point out that the same thing

happened as before.

· Stir both glasses. Point out that

they look the same, just like sin

looks the same to God. God doesn’t

consider some sin as “little” and

some as “small.” Sin is sin. All sin

separates us from a holy God.

· Explain that the clear water

represents a life without sin. We

cannot be clean until we put our

faith in Jesus as Lord (boss) and

Savior (One who saves us from our


· Use “The Gospel: God’s Plan for Me”

as a resource to share the Gospel

with your child. (See “A Child’s

Response to the Gospel” below.)

Check out other Discussion questions below. Close in guided prayer.


· Parents, it is important to give your child the opportunity to respond to the Gospel,

but it is also important not to pressure a child to make a decision for Christ. You can

tell your child that there will come a time when they will have to make a decision

whether or not to make Jesus their Lord (boss of their life) and Savior (One who paid

the price for our sins). That time might be today or might be another day. What

matters is that they say, “Yes” to Jesus.

· The Holy Spirit will make it clear when it is time. We want to yield to God’s perfect


· Once a child starts asking questions, encourage him/her, but do not jump to the

conclusion that asking questions equals a salvation experience.

· It is important that a child understands:

- Who Jesus is and what He did

- What sin is and can give examples of sin in his/her life, demonstrates repentance

· Parents, check out these resources that further explains how to share the Gospel with

your child. Or you canreach out to any staff member for assistance or if you have

questions. We are here to help you disciple your child.

Check out other Discussion questions below and close with guided prayer.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (suggested for 1st – 12th graders):

YK=Younger Kids (1st-2nd), OK=Older Kids (3rd - 5th), S=Students (6th-12th)

1. (YK, OK, S) What was something that personally impacted you from Pastor Patrick’s message? What did you learn? What challenged you? (Parents should share first.)

2. (OK & S) The Big Idea of the message was: We must stay aware of what Jesus has done for us.

· What has Jesus done for us? Name some specific things. (Example answers:

Jesus died for me, He helped me during a difficult time, etc.)

· Is your life different based on what Jesus has done for you? (YES! Our lives

should be remarkably different because of the work of Jesus.)

· How should we respond to the work of Jesus in our lives? (Don’t miss this point

here. We can easily know what Jesus has done for us, while it is easy to not show

gratitude. Take a moment as a family and have each believer share how he or she is

thankful for what Jesus has done in his or her life.)

3. (OK & S) Pastor Patrick referenced Hebrews 10:19-25 in his sermon when talking about a believer’s access to God. Turn to the passage and read aloud.

· How should we enter the sanctuary (v. 19)? What is the author’s point here?

(The author used language associated with the Most Holy Place from the temple. The

imagery here is showing believers how they can access the presence of God “boldly”

because of the blood of Jesus.)

· What does it mean to draw near to God (v. 22)? (The author’s intent here is to

urge believers to seek the Lord through spiritual disciplines. Knowing God is

relationally based, so time must be spent with Him. For a resource on this subject, see

Donald Whitney’s Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.)

· How should we be “concerned” about other believers (v. 24)? (We are to be

concerned about the spiritual health of other believers, though not in a

condescending, judgmental manner. Out of a heart of grace, we should mercifully

seek to help other believers be spiritually healthy.)

· How important was it to the author for believers to worship together (v.

25)? What are the benefits from being present in worship settings? (The

author was bold when he called out those that were “habitually” (CSB) missing

worship gatherings. He did so out of concern for the believers’ own good. Worship is

not about us, but it does play a part in a believer’s spiritual health. We need to be

around others in worship gatherings for the sake of glorying God and encouraging

others. During a season such as we are in today, let us reflect on and commit to the

importance of gathering for worship. May our hearts be eager to be around each

other very soon to worship God!)

4. (YK, OK, S) What can you do this week to apply what we have learned today? (Parents, here is your opportunity to share with your child the importance of applying the Word of God. Each week, we should leave worship knowing how to apply God’s Word in our lives. If we don’t, we have missed a great opportunity.)


Explain that you are going to lead the kids in a guided prayer time.

(Parents of preschoolers and kids, explain that you are going to give suggestions for things to pray, then you will pause, then you will give another suggestion. Tell the kids that they are to pray silently and that they will know to finish when you say, “Amen.”)

You can read these prompts as written or make up your own prayer prompts.

  • Let’s start by telling God how great He is. (pause)

  • The Bible tells us that we all disobey and sin. Is there anything you need to ask God for forgiveness, like being mean or selfish or not obeying your parents? If so, do that now. (pause)

  • Next, tell God what you are thankful for. (pause)

  • Now ask God to help you trust Him and follow Him more every day. (pause)

  • Next, take a moment to lift up prayer requests. (pause)

  • Thank you, God, for giving us your truth in the Bible. Thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins so that we could have a perfect relationship with You. We pray all these things in the holy name of Jesus. Amen.

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