Is the Vision Worth the Sacrifice?

In 1947, Tabernacle members envisioned a “brick” sanctuary on the corner of Tennessee and Church Streets for the purpose of reaching people for Jesus Christ. Today, over 3 generations of believers have worshipped and fellowshipped at this location. Their vision became a reality!
Many of you have attended sessions where people shared their personal defining moments at Tabernacle. We discussed our shared vision for a future project of our own. Our Pastor, the staff, and many leaders have already made commitments and donations in support of the vision.
Our Campaign Team’s goal is to receive 50% of the projected amount from members prior to the public phase of commitment that will begin on February 19th. Having commitments in place is important, as verified commitments will help us be wise and faithful in our planning and stewardship.
If you believe the vision is worth the sacrifice, please complete the form linked above to support this phase of the campaign. Through committing to work together, perhaps people 3 generations from now will still be “connecting people to their ultimate purpose in life in Jesus Christ” here on the corner of Tennessee and Church Streets.

Important Dates


Work has begun. 

A, B and Choir Room including hallways have been offically shut down. 

Interor Demo on A and B building is proceeding.

Outdoor work has begun on the new temporary entance


Groundbreaking Event March 3, 2024

Seek: Building Demo

Our Response

Our Community


  • Bartow County and the City of Cartersville is experiencing growth and development at a fast pace. Since 2010, the population has increased 11.35%

  • Every day, nearly 20,000 cars pass by our facility on Tennessee Street and Church Street.

  • 52% of people within 10 miles of our church have no involvement in a religious congregation.

  • Whether existing or new residents, our community desperately needs a faithful, gospel-driven church!