Summer 2021 Ministry Plan

We are excited about ministry this spring!



What ministry opportunities are available for Students?​

-At this time, we will offer LifeGroups on Sunday mornings at 9:15am or 10:45am (UPDATED) starting May 23. Different events will be announced as decisions are made. Please see our Events page for more info.

Which Hour will my child attend?

-Both the 9:15am and 10:45am LifeGroup Hour will offer LifeGroups for 6th-12th grade, so your child can attend either Hour. We encourage families to go to LifeGroups one Hour and worship together in another Hour.

Where do students go?

-Students will go straight to A200 when they arrive for LifeGroups. Parents do not need to be present.
What will the programming look like for students?
-LifeGroups begin in A200 where all students and leaders can hang out. Different games are available during this time. After hanging out, LifeGroups are dismissed to their rooms. LifeGroups broken up by gender and grades. Everyone will be using “The Gospel Project” curriculum.

Who will lead LifeGroups?

-We have the very best adult leaders leading these small groups! Each group will have a minimum of two approved adult leaders. All leaders working with minors are active at TBC and have passed a background check.

What is the plan for disinfecting and social distancing?

-We will maintain the same level of disinfection with our Student Area as we have with our buildings on Sunday mornings. All high touch areas will be regularly sanitized. Any room used by different groups will be sanitized between groups. The rooms used for small groups will be sanitized before Wednesday nights. Chairs will be appropriately spaced out (following the model at local schools). To ensure the safety of all students and adults, we need students to do their part. While we encourage social distancing, we cannot always guarantee it.

Will masks be required?

-Masks are optional for students and adult leaders.

Will there be the Sunday Connect Store?

-Yes! Fresh snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. Prices vary.

How can you pray for the Student Ministry?

-Please pray for wisdom for our leadership teams at TBC. Pray for students to give their lives to Jesus. Pray for our leaders to teach through the power of the Spirit. Pray for students to build a deeper relationship with Jesus and others.

We look forward to seeing everyone in LifeGroups!