Meet Our Staff

Ministerial Staff

Patrick Latham

Lead Pastor

Phil Brown

Business Administrator

Don Startup

Worship Pastor

Steve McCombs

Missions/Outreach Pastor

Benjy Linder

Family/Discipleship Pastor

Kyle Ruff

Student Pastor

Rebecca Willoughby

Kid’s Ministry Director

Amy Burney

Preschool Ministry Director

Dick Forbes

Classic Adult Ministry Director

Hayden Davidson

College Ministry Director, Family/Discipleship Assistant

Ben Ellis

Multimedia/Communications Director

Support Staff

Kay Atkins

Ministry Assistant/Member Care and Reception

Laurie Shadle

Pastor’s Ministry Assistant

Jewel Childers

Worship Ministry Assistant

Sarah Kunf

Missions/Outreach Ministry Assistant

Mason Fulmer

Student Ministry Assistant

MaryAnn Cook

Preschool/Kids Ministry Assistant

Michael LaRue

Campus Maintenance and Housekeeping Services Manager

Dee Dee Stilles

Housekeeping Director

Tracey Fulmer

Financial Secretary

Rose Mayo

Weekday Preschool Director

Amber Haggard

Weekday Preschool Assistant