Preschool Procedures during Covid-19


We are so thankful for your family. As always, we are striving to keep your child healthy and safe while in our facility. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we navigate through these precarious times. The following policies and procedures are standard practice at the preschool or have been added due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. When a policy or procedure listed below differs from the Ministry Policy in any way, the temporary policies in place due to Covid-19 override the previous policy.


Arrival/Check In

    • Only one parent/guardian per child should enter the preschool building for check in and pick up (no older siblings unless single parents).
    • Preschoolers will have temperature check upon arrival. Any child with a fever of 100.4 or higher will not be admitted to the building.
    • After temperature screening, parent may proceed to check in stations that will be manned by volunteers.
    • Once a child has a security sticker, parent may escort the child to the classroom. Teachers will greet parents at the classroom door. Please do not enter the classroom. Knock, and wait outside the door if the teacher is escorting another child.
    • Preschoolers age 2 and older will be instructed to wash hands and use hand sanitizer upon entering the classroom.
    • Students with ongoing medical issues that are not contagious (coughing from allergies/asthma) should provide documentation of this condition that he/she is safe to attend a group classroom.


Volunteers and Classroom Interaction

    • All volunteers will have temperature check upon entering the building. The sick policy for a volunteer is the same as a child. Your child’s teacher will not be socially distanced from him/her. Preschoolers will not be socially distanced from their classmates. Your child’s class will become a group that will practice healthy hygiene throughout the day.
    • Volunteers have the option to wear a mask in the classroom, but it is not required.
    • Preschoolers age 3 or older have the option of wearing a mask. Children under age 3 will not be permitted to wear masks per safety guidelines.


Classroom Procedures for Cleaning/Sanitizing

    • Toys are washed and disinfected before each group enters the classroom.
    • We will temporarily suspend the use of dress up clothing, rice table and play dough.
    • Commonly shared items such as crayons, glue, markers may be used in the classroom.
    • All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected per CDC guidelines.
    • Volunteers will use disinfecting wipes to clean “mouthed” toys during sessions.
    • Indoor playroom (ages 3 and younger) surfaces will be disinfected between classes.



    • Normal security procedures apply. Parent/guardian must present the matching security sticker to pick up the child.
    • Only one parent/guardian per child should enter the preschool building for pick up.
    • Parent should knock at the door and not enter the classroom. Please wait for the teacher to bring your child and belongings to the door.
    • Number of people in the preschool lobby will be limited. If there are too many people in the lobby, you may be asked to wait outside until someone leaves.

Preschool Ministry (Birth – K)


The Preschool Ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church commits to providing a loving, safe, secure environment in which preschoolers learn about God in age appropriate ways. We recognize the parents’ role as the primary discipler of their child in Deuteronomy 6. Our desire is to partner with parents from diapers to diplomas in the spiritual development of their child. Opportunities for preschoolers to learn at church are through Sunday LifeGroups, Wednesday classes, and special events.

The preschool building is located in the one story building on the north side of our worship center.


What to expect on a visit:

Safety & security is important at Tabernacle. All volunteers undergo a thorough background check before they’re allowed to serve with children. In addition, all preschoolers and children check-in with our secure sticker system; the check-in process is quick and easy, and you’re given a secure code where only you can pick them up.


Sunday Schedule:


Preschoolers will have LifeGroups available during the 9:15 am and 10:45 am worship services. 


Wednesday Schedule:

No Wednesday classes are currently available.


Equipping Parent:

We want to be your partners and provide you with resources that will help you teach your kids what matters most. Keep the conversation going at home by signing up for the weekly Remind text about what we learned in LifeGroups. Text @tbcpres to 81010. Parenting seminars are offered as special events during the year.

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